Tribute: Senator Orrin Hatch

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Published April 24, 2022 on Facebook

Hatch with Torund Bryhn, April 2017

A legend and leader passed away, my former boss Senator Orrin Hatch. He lived life to the fullest, maximizing his time to fit everything into his schedule, from being a husband, father, grandfather, Senator, and songwriter.

Hatch was a whirlwind of excitement, and we, the staffers, were part of his orbit, making sure to realize his vision for the country. Working in the press office was the best training ground as he was the center of many national issues being discussed.

I was often starstruck with Bono, Metallica, and Mohammad Ali frequently stopping by.

Hatch & Bono, Hatch filming during Traffic, Hatch & Mohammad Ali, Hatch & Kennedy

We were even invited by Jack Valenti, the president of MPAA, to a private premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s Oscar-winning movie, Traffic. Hatch appeared as himself in a brief cameo in a scene set during a Washington, D.C. cocktail party.

Never a dull moment. And yet, Hatach was able to stand in the center of Washington DC because of his unwavering faith. He was first and foremost a man of faith and bore witness to his Mormon religion.

What most people did not know, Hatch was a musician at heart. Hatch best expressed his love for family, friends, and country through music.

In several meetings I was staffing, the Senator would promote his album “Heal Our Land: A Prayer for Our Country.”

He even wrote a love song, “Souls Along the Way,” as a tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy’s marriage. Gladys Knight has covered his songs. And his Song, “Heal Our Land,” co-written by Janice Kapp-Perry, was performed at George W. Bush’s January 2005 inauguration.

I never thought he would leave us so soon. I thought he would live to be a 100. He was a role model for being in the world and not of it.

“You must go your way, and I must go my mine,love piles come between us so much of a time …I’m here, you are there, but we both in God’s care …Thou art indeed amazing GOD, but still, the sunrise ends and still the sunset and God in his heaven to hear and to bless so I will pray for you when you pray for me together, will both make it through”.

( “I’ll pray for you you” by Hatch and Perry)RIP Senator Orrin Hatch.

Thank you for being a light and inspiration.




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